Procurement Advisors LLC

Recent events have been a source of great shock and concern, leading us to take the unusual step of publicly reaffirming our commitment to diversity and equality for all our employees, members, and supplier partners. At PA, we take great pride in our highly diverse and inclusive team. With over 60% of our employees as persons of color and originating from fourteen different countries, we welcome people from all cultures and backgrounds to bring their unique gifts and experiences to our team – individually great and collectively extraordinary. We continuously strive to create the environment of equality, diversity, and openness that will enable our company to represent our country’s founding aspirational goal – to be that shining city on the hill for humanity, where all people are treated with equity, dignity, and respect.

– Suja Katarya, CEO and Managing Partner & Keith Brower, Managing Partner

Procurement Advisors LLC (PA) is a full-spectrum sourcing consultancy for all of your maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) and packaging supply needs. PA brings its Members the power of consortium buying leveraged across more than 600 Member companies with 12,000 locations on three continents. In addition to great initial savings when a new Member joins PA, we consistently show year-over-year savings for the Membership through aggregation, renegotiation of tens of thousands of SKUs annually, customized reporting and tracking programs and a comprehensive suite of service offerings – all at no cost to our Members.