Our Story - Procurement Advisors LLC

Provide comprehensive support and services in select under-managed categories of the spend cube with world-class pricing and customer service through the application of leverage with our suppliers, rigorous data management, and a robust program of continuous improvement programs tailored to individual Member companies' requirements.

Procurement Advisors was founded to address the complex challenges of a frequently ignored indirect spend category – Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies (MRO). The intrinsic nature of MRO supplies (millions of SKUs, thousands of individual transactions, hundreds of potential suppliers and relatively small cost for the individual products) contribute to why MRO is likely to be one of the least managed categories within an organization’s spend cube. Still, companies spend from 1-3% of their total purchases for MRO. Procurement Advisors provides focused management of this under-served spend segment and augments its Member companies’ indirect purchasing team.



  • Procurement Advisors grew out of an initiative by the founding partners to support MRO sourcing  for the ten companies in their private equity owner's portfolio.
  • Fast forward to 2019 and PA now supports more than 520 companies and more than 53 different private equity groups.
  • With over $745 million in MRO and related purchases by its Members, PA is the fastest growing participant in its space and offers a full spectrum of MRO, packaging cutting tools, vehicle fleet supplies, and Direct Materials/OEM products and services across all of North America.


  • Our team works tirelessly not only to negotiate the best prices for more than 3 million SKU's, but then to assist our Members on a daily basis in the sourcing and negotiation of a myriad of requirements.
  • PA is totally focused on Continuous Improvement Programs and value creation for its Members with a relentless commitment to organizing and summarizing the detail of each Member’s spend.
  • PA provides SKU-level,category,and location-specific reporting customized for individual members to track and manage their MRO spend.


  • With member-specific assigned analysts and managers, PA is able to provide a full suite of services including
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Up to date savings analysis
    • "Smart Buying" training for the local ordering team
    • Special assistance for capital projects and bulk ordering programs
  • PA coordinates avariety of vendor and manufacturer service offering and specialized training in categories as diverse as bearings, power transmission, safety, hand protection, hand tool rationalization, inventory management and many others.


  • PA offers an industry-unique value proposition to its members by offering:
    • Great Pricing
    • More than 25 different direct-to-member rebate programs
    • No fees...ever!
    • A suite of value-added programs to offer a comprehensive solution for your MRO, OEM/Direct materials, and Corrugated needs.
  • Procurement Advisors was founded to address these complex challenges and provide focused management to a frequently ignored program.