Unleashed MRO Value Drove 14,000+ % PA Growth between 2010 and 2019

Procurement Advisors Total Member Spend

As part of a partnership with two leading private equity groups, PA understands the unique challenges inherent in the private equity sector. Its managing principals have a wide range of experience working with and for private equity owned companies. PA has affiliations with a wide array of private equity groups and its position is growing with new ones continuously.


PA's growth from an idea about supporting PEGs in late 2009 to its current status as the fastest growing customer of MRO giants like W.W. Grainger and Applied Industrial Technologies is a direct result of PA's ability to generate substantial, traceable and immediate EBITDA savings in a frequently overlooked or under-resourced segment of portfolio companies' spends.

Here at CD&R we are always looking for ways to reduce our cost position and MRO has always been a very fragmented, resource intensive, below-the-radar category. Procurement Advisors has enabled us to leverage MRO across multiple portfolio companies and achieve double digit savings while freeing up our purchasing resources to address other higher spend areas. We have many of our companies involved with PA and are constantly looking to add more
John Malfettone, CD&R


We use Procurement Advisors to meet our MRO needs at Blackstone because they are so much more than a contract with a good price – that’s a fact. PA delivers continuous, year-over-year value and savings to more than 60 of our portfolio companies with unprecedented customer service, world-class reporting, and a full suite of value-added vendor management services. Their hands-on approach to the complex MRO space is terrific.
Greg Beutler, Operating Partner, Blackstone


As one of the first two participants in PA, we have seen it grow tremendously within KKR and with other PEGs because it works. It provides immediate savings in the complex MRO category and then continues to provide on-going savings through a wide array of value-added services and initiatives.
Steve Schepps, KKR


In the space of indirect goods and services, MRO is a challenging category given the expansive number of SKUs, from gloves and pipes, to tape and bolts. The Procurement Advisors program provides participating companies efficient access to competitive prices from major MRO suppliers, reducing the burden of sourcing such a diverse category. The Procurement Advisors model also allows procurement talent to focus less on MRO and more on those categories that are strategic in nature.
Virgil Colby
Vice President, Group Procurement ONEX


Procurement Advisors is a terrific answer to the question "How do we attack our broadly diverse MRO spend across our whole portfolio and achieve leverageable scale to produce savings?" Their comprehension of the challenges of private equity and the need to drive immediate savings and enhanced services is superlative. With deep roots in the PEG community, PA understands the need for speed, accuracy and above all a firm commitment to the creation of long term value in its member companies.
Chris Durbin, Vestar Capital Partners