Value Proposition - Procurement Advisors LLC

Procurement Advisors’ goal is to provide comprehensive support and services in select under-managed categories of the spend cube with world-class pricing and superior customer service. This is achieved through the application of leverage with our suppliers, rigorous data management, an unparalleled commitment to detail, and robust continuous improvement programs tailored to individual Member companies’ requirements. Bottom line, PA’s mission is to manage the complexity and create Member value in what has generally been an unmanaged segment for our Members.

Dynamic Price

We negotiate for each member to ensure cost savings.

Data Analysis

Weekly and Monthly reporting customized to member requirements to provide insight of purchasing trends.


In addition to our staff of 55+ managers & analysts assigned to support individual members, PA coordinates hundreds of vendor resources to address your concerns &opportunities.

Customer Special
Price List

Made up from the most frequently purchased items across PA's membership, “CSPL” SKUs have the deepest discounts.

Smart Buying

We maximize each members' program utilization and savings


Members receive additional savings in the form of more than 25 different direct-to-member growth incentives and preferred manufacturer programs that are administered by PA.

Augment Not

The PA team is structured to augment the members indirect purchasing staff- We work for you and are your force multiplier.

Continuous Improvement/ Documented Value Add

PA suppliers deliver cost-out opportunities such as machinery repairs and recommendations of alternate products to reduce total cost of ownership

Combines Simplicity
& Functionality

Easy to use, clear lines between suppliers, reduces complexity for our members